Thursday, 4 February 2010

Little Miss Attitude

Finished :)

I used conte pastel for the background, by grinding into dust and smoothing on with my fingers. A few blades of grass were drawn over the top with pencils.


  1. This is lovely Steph. The foal really stands out against that background. I just had to backtrack to see what the support was .... Is Canson card like mountboard? If so, how do you get the pastel to adhere?

  2. Thanks Sue! :)
    It is very similar to mountboard in texture, I couldnt thickly layer pastel well on it but I find its OK for a light touch, especially if I rub it on with my fingers. I have completed a large pastel on mountboard before and I think keeping the layers light worked well.I LOVE the Canson for coloured pencil (it suits the derwent coloursoft and caran d'ache supracolour perfectly as they are nice and soft.) The top two CP's on the flickr strip (left) were also on Canson.
    I wish you could see this in life its much brighter and nicer in life! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'll have to add cps on Canson to my ever increasing 'things to try' list :o)