Monday, 8 February 2010

Experimental sepia portrait

I dont normally 'do' people but I thought that a particular photo of my Sister would make a perfect sepia experiment. I have just picked up a little set of Derwent Drawing pencils to try, so 2 hours later this is the result. It does look kinda like her I think, and my children recognised her straight away which made me smile!

(This has been done on a small square of spare smooth yellow/cream card) Its approx 7 x 9"


  1. I love the simplicity of this Steph. I won a small tin of Derwent 'Sketching' Pencils last year and haven't used them yet - but they are graphite coloured. Are the Drawing pencils brown/sepia shades or did you get this effect because of the background colour?

  2. No Sue they are a lovely little tin of chocolate, ochre, sepia, sanguine, black and white. I was pleased with them, I was chuffed that they were on offer I only spent a fiver :D
    I have sketched my family too they were great for life drawing, nice and soft.
    Planning a bigger more detailed one now, I am thinking a horse one (surprise surprise!)
    Oh almost forgot, Thanks!

  3. I'll look out for those then as I love the 'sepia' colours.