Sunday, 25 October 2009


I have finally completed (subject to approval from my lovely clients) the portrait of Revoir ash and Webster. Revoir turned out well in the end although he has been very hard to photograph!

Several of my original paintings are now for sale through the Daryl Nantais gallery in Linton Cambridge. I will soon be adding to these with some new projects before Xmas. If you are in the Cambridge area its well worth a visit, He also has a great collection of Ophelia Redpaths work in his Autumn exhibition, which I particularly like!


  1. Absolutely beautiful work Steph, congrats again on the gallery- thoroughly well deserved!

  2. Thanks Laura, I am really on a roll! Just started the BG of 'The debut' Its about time I got stuck in! I am LOVING it and will post it here... :D :D

  3. Lovely drawings Steph. Revoir is my favourite but they are all wonderful :o)