Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New original

Blurry photos, the camera doesnt like green canford!

This is a little A3 that I am doing in coloured pencil along with the new commission. Its based on a jockey and groom that I photographed at Cottenham Point to point, just before the ladies Open. This poor girl actually had a fall and didnt complete the race but at least she, and the lovely horse were OK.

This is turning out quite 'painterly' compared to my other work, Im not sure why! It could be that I am using more coloursoft pencils than my usual supracolour.

1 comment:

  1. Off to a great start Steph. I've never used supracolors - they are Caran D'ache aren't they? Are they 'hard'

    I too find the coloursoft very 'creamy' which can be useful (and I have rather a lot of them for some reason) but I still like my Prismacolours best.

    Look forward to seeing progress